Influenza virus

The most scientifically precise 3D model of the influenza virus ever created provides an exceptionally detailed image of one of the world’s most common and deadly viruses.

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  • Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise
    Anti HIV/AIDS alliance (New York, USA)
    Russian corporation of nanotecnologies
  • Garland Science Publishing
    Scientific publishing (London, UK)
  • Megafon Russia
    Mobile network provider (Russia)
  • National Institutes of Health
    Medical research agency (USA)
  • Wiley
    Academic publisher (USA)
  • Garland Science
    Scientific publisher (USA)
  • Elsevier
    Scientific publisher (Netherlands)

Visual Science is award-winning scientific design studio which creates scientifically accurate and eye-catching 3D models, illustrations and animations for pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, and nanotechnology companies, as well as scientific institutions, laboratories, educational organizations, museums, publishing and advertising agencies around the world.

International Association of Medical Illustrators

Visual Science’s CEO Ivan Konstantinov became a professional member of the International Association of Medical Illustrators

Urokinase 3D and plastic models are constructed

Models are based both on published data and on data, obtained using molecular modelling approach.