Influenza virus

The most scientifically precise 3D model of the influenza virus ever created provides an exceptionally detailed image of one of the world’s most common and deadly viruses.

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Urokinase 3D and plastic models are constructed. Models are based both on published data and on data, obtained using molecular modelling approach.

The plastic model of the artificial mitochondrial antioxidant SkQ1 is made by request of the biotechnology company Mitotech.

3D model of insulin molecule is published. 3D-panorama and space-filled/surface representations of the model are available.

The plastic model of HIV is constructed.

Image of the HIV 3D model is put on the cover of one of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative’s (IAVI) reports.

Visual Science created a mock mountain landscape in scale 1:87 for one of the biggest Russian mobile operator Megafon.

Visual Science company became a winner of the 8-th International Science and Engeneering Visualization Challenge. Th 3D model of HIV is the best scientific illustration of the 2010 according to Science Magazine and National Science Foundation. Results of the Challenge are published in Science at February 18 (pdf of the material)

Images and 3D-panorama of the human skull are published.