Influenza virus

The most scientifically precise 3D model of the influenza virus ever created provides an exceptionally detailed image of one of the world’s most common and deadly viruses.

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The illustration of the HIV made by Visual Science is included into the 6th edition of the «Vaccines» by Elsievier. The Lancet journal compares this book to «The Bible for vaccinologists» and Bill Gates calls it «an indispensable guide to the enhancement of the well-being of our world.» It is one of the most authoritative handbook on the subject.

Visual Science created the illustrations in an interactive, scrollable strip to demonstrate the mechanism of TS01 to specialists in medicine and pharmacology. These illustrations depict the crucial stages of TS01 action on both occlusive and hemostatic clots. They are adapted for use on the TSI website, on iOS and Android devices, in presentations, at conferences, and in talks.

The illustrations of Tn5 transposase were made.

The model and illustrations of microbioreactor Homunculus were made.

Visual Science created the plastic model of ricin — one of the deadliest human toxins.

The plastic model of the human insulin analog Deguldec was created. This model played a part of the symbolic first stone during the ceremonial start of construction of the brand new Novo Nordisc insulin drug factory near Kaluga, Russian Federation.

Visual Science studio is introducing the 3D model of the Ebola virus. The model is depicted on the award-winning infographic poster — the honorable mention of the 2011 Science and Engeneering Visualization Challenge. The high-detailed images of Ebola proteins and close-ups are also available.

The 3D model of myoglobin is published. 3D panorama of the model and detailed image of the protein heme are available.

Visual Science’s CEO Ivan Konstantinov became a professional member of the International Association of Medical Illustrators.