Influenza virus

The most scientifically precise 3D model of the influenza virus ever created provides an exceptionally detailed image of one of the world’s most common and deadly viruses.

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Visual Science created the infographic to demonstrate the mechanism of action and structure of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries produced by the Liotech company. Liotech batteries have nanostructured lithium iron phosphate cathodes and can be used as independent energy sources for electric cars and public transportation vehicles or as a reserve power supply for buildings and utilities.

The illustrations mechanism of action of Mobilan, a new anticancer drug that is developed by Panacela company with the support of Cleveland BioLabs and RUSNANO was published.

Our new phone numbers are available now. For toll free calls in US/Canada: 1-800-978-0759 and a special number for New York city: 1-212-796-5897. Our working hours are 7AM—2PM EDT or 6AM—10AM PDT.

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The plastic model of the EcoRI enzyme was specially made for Dr. Werner Arber. Dr. Werener Arber first discovered the restriction endonucleases, in 1978 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery.

The model and illustrations of the sensors of explosive gases were made for Russian Nanotechnology company RUSNANO.

Visual Science created the illustrations in an interactive, scrollable strip to demonstrate the mechanism of action of photosensitizing anticancer drug to specialists in medicine and pharmacology. These illustrations depict the crucial stages of fotoditazin action on cancer cells. They are adapted for use on the fotoditazin website, on iOS and Android devices, in presentations, at conferences, and in talks.

New model in th Viral Park — the Human papilloma virus (3d model, poster and illustrations). We reconstructed the full models of the HPV proteins with predicted glycosylation status in the atomic resolution. And also we introduce the possible way of the HPV minichromosome organization inside the viral particle.

Short video about Visual Science on Russia 2 channel (in Russian).

Botox molecule plastic model and web-widget for iOS, Android and PC is now available