Visual Science was tasked with developing promotional materials for the gastroenterological drugs ImmunoNeo and BalanceNeo, the first products from Takeda’s RioFlora line to appear on the Russian market.
The company’s existing promotional materials failed to distinguish between different drugs on the RioFlora line, a major inconvenience for medical representatives and pharmaceutical retailers who work with multiple drugs on the line. Also, the materials were not properly targeted at their main audience, pharmacology professionals and doctors.
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To solve these problems, we developed a brand-new set of booklets, roll-ups, leaflets and a presenter that was both comprehensible to medical representatives and comprehensive enough — with statistical and research data crucial — for doctors. Our design can now be used as a template for promotional materials for other medications on the RioFlora line.
Every aspect of the redesign — from style to text-editing to illustrations, and even the design of medical representatives’ uniforms — was carried out by Visual Science.


Takeda pharmaceuticals

Date: Apr 16, 2014


Molecular modelling through computer graphics permits plenty of latitude for exercising artistic talent to inform, explain and instruct. Visual Science shows the way with its high quality, accurate, informative graphics that explain even the most complex processes of life.
Lewis Sadler MA, Msc. Chief Science Officer at Visible Productions Inc., Research Assistant Prof. University of Illinois at Chicago, (US)
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