Virus-encoded proteins are depicted in maroon shades while structures taken from the host cell are gray. Spatial structures of the most proteins in the model are based on the X-ray data. Some protein structures were predicted using computational biology techniques such as molecular modelling.

The model includes 11 types of Ebola and human proteins 18900 nucleotides of genomic RNA and more than 2.5 million of different lipid molecules. This model is much more complex and ten times larger than our previous work, 3D model of HIV. In 2011 the image of HIV model became the best scientific illustration according to Science Magazine and National Science Foundation .

Date: Feb 03, 2012


Visual Science’s Ebola Poster represents a pinnacle in the history of visualization of the human body.
Lewis Sadler MA, Msc. Chief Science Officer at Visible Productions Inc., Research Assistant Prof. University of Illinois at Chicago, (US)
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