Sensors of explosive gases are in a high demand and are used in coal mining, oil and gas industry, electricity, telecommunications as well as in housing sector. The key component of a gas sensor is a photovoltaic cell that reacts to changes in the infrared irradiation that occur if propane, methane or ethylene enter the measuring cell.
Company Optosens developed a transducer that uses a nanosized layer of the dielectric material — polycrystalline lead, cadmium and selen- in which the light induced electric current (photovoltaic effect) occurs. Reduced thickness of the dielectric layer makes the sensor remarkably energy-effecient, fast and reliable in extreme conditions. In this infographics we demonstrate the structure of the sensor and the location of the photogalvanic and protective layers in the infrared irradiation transducer.



Date: Aug 23, 2013