Plastic model of HIV

Plastic model of HIV is based on the detailed 3D model of the virus, created in Visual Science company, with several simplifications. The diameter of the plastic model is 8 inches. Colors correspond to the scheme, chosen for all projects for Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise (HIV in section and Nature Medicine special issue cover).

Virus-encoded proteins are colored in red shades, while host-derived structures are blue and white. Analogous model can be made in different colors and up to 14 inches (over 35 cm) in diameter.


Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise (New-York, US)

Date: Jul 18, 2011


Visual Science has a complex approach to finding of the proper solution, attention to the client's requests and high work efficiency. This allows to recommend the company as a reliable partner
A.V. Trapeznikov, Corporate director, Board member of SC “Rusnanotech” RUSNANO
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