«Today the market for quartz products of high purity and goods from their processing is among the world’s most promising. Unimin, an American company, is the dominant business in this field. Russia lacks its own production of sufficiently pure quartz goods, obliging domestic consumers to purchase the materials from foreign producers.

Development of the Russian lighting engineering industry and production of a wide variety of solar batteries (in part, as a result of projects that RUSNANO supports) will bring about significant growth in the market for pure quartz concentrates consumed as raw material for preparing quartz crucibles in which electronic and solar single-crystal silicon are grown. As part of the new project, the project company will master manufacturing of quartz micro- and nanopowder and pure quartz concentrates. Quartz nanopowders, with particle size of less than 100 nanometers, have wide application in microelectronics and in construction and exploitation of oil and gas wells. Quartz micropowder, a cleaned product of pulverized natural quartz with particle size of less than 100 microns, is used as a filling medium during production of integrated circuits. Pure quartz concentrates are used in alternative energy, lighting engineering, semiconductors, and optics and fiber-optics».

Date: Aug 02, 2010


The Visual Science team demonstrated high level of professionalism and creativity. They successfully set the priorities and rapidly reacted to remarks. All the work was finished on time. We recommend this company to everybody.
Z. Chulibrik, Head of the Hemopharm representative office RF.
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