We have developed a web application demonstrating the structure of the skull. Human skull is a complex structure that includes 23 bones of different shape, size and function. The application allows to see the skull from different angles and to highlight individual bones either by clicking on them or on the captions (available in five languages). The descriptions of the bones are available in Russian and English.
Anatomical web or mobile applications based on 3D graphics are often poorly visualized and are not detailed because users need significant technical resources to explore 3D models of superior quality. The principle on which our widget is based combines the unprecedented level of visualization quality and the possibility to rotate the model to explore different sides of it. This widget works on PC as well as on iOs and Android mobile devices.
The skull is a bone structure that fixes and protects the human brain. The bones of the skull (except the mandible) are joined together by immovable joints. The skull is divided into the viscerocranium and the neurocranium. The viscerocranium consists of mandible, maxilla, vomer, inferior nasal concha, ethmoid, hyoid, lacrimal, temporal, nasal, palatine bones and the pterygoid process of the sphenoid bone. The neurocranium is comprised of the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone, frontal, occipital, parietal bones and the perous and squamos parts of the temporal bone. In addition to protecting the brain, the skull bones are needed to fix the eyeballs, teeth, nose, ears, and the chewing muscles.


Idea and design, 3D-visualization:
Ivan Konstantinov
Alex Kovalevsky
Programming and layout:
Gleb Kondratenko
Techology prototype development:
Kirill Grishanin
Scientific consulting and texts:
Yury Stefanov
Anna Voznessenskaya

Date: Sep 04, 2014


Molecular modelling through computer graphics permits plenty of latitude for exercising artistic talent to inform, explain and instruct. Visual Science shows the way with its high quality, accurate, informative graphics that explain even the most complex processes of life.
Lewis Sadler MA, Msc. Chief Science Officer at Visible Productions Inc., Research Assistant Prof. University of Illinois at Chicago, (US)
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